Daniel Thorson has been meditating for the last twelve years and has a passion for the intersection of contemplative practice, adult development, trauma healing, and systems design.

In previous incarnations, Daniel has organized with Occupy Wall Street, worked at a company called Buddhist Geeks, helped start Boulder Flood Relief, founded a mindfulness education company, launched a new American political party, and spent over 10,000 (awful, wonderful) hours in formal meditation practice.

Daniel is also the host of the Emerge podcast, which explores the relationship between inner and outer transformation.



In this conversation we discuss:

[3:17] How Daniel is dealing with Covid, Trump, and other forms of Chaos from within a Monastery.

[9:35] His path from alienation to growth and meditation.

[19:37] Dealing with heartbreak, learning to not be a jerk.

[23:33] Continuous self-improvement. 

[27:04] Daniel's early involvement in politics

[31:57] His involvement with Occupy Wall Street and its innovative, though flawed, radically participatory systems of governance.

[43:25] Working for Buddhist Geeks, at the meeting place of cutting edge Buddhist and tech cultures. Helping to create the Buddhist Geeks community.

[51:30] Why "Living alone is a disaster" - on the growing trend of living in intentional communities.

[1:07:35] Life in the Monastic Academy, and are freedom and restrictions really opposites?

[1:14:03] Daniel in the news: "The man who went into a 75-day retreat and missed the pandemic"

[1:17:28] The Emerge Podcast - its emergence and subsiding

[1:31:04] The ideas and practices behind MAPLE, the Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth, where Daniel is today.